Normally, I write about deep, serious issues, like the rise of fascism, relations between conservatives and liberals, imperialism and racist double standards in reporting, and transphobia.

But sometimes, you just gotta vent.

I think Impossible Foods is hopelessly overrated. And I’m a vegetarian. Here’s why.

The idea behind Impossible Foods…

It’s Veteran’s Day, so naturally everyone is thinking of veterans and the wars they served in. I am, infamously, anti-war and anti-military-enlistment. But even I recognise that some wars need to be fought. World War II was one of those rare wars. A fascist was on the brink of dominating…

Hello, conservative reader.

Writing as what you’d call a “liberal” — actually a leftist, specifically a far-left-wing socialist — I’m precisely the sort of person who a lot of you want to see get “owned”. You want me to suffer. I’d like to tell you the feeling is not mutual…

Jessica L. Blank, WWTF News

(San Francisco, Alta California, United States) Civil unrest erupted for the fourth consecutive night in the embattled republic of America. (For more on this nation, read our sidebar: ‘Colonial Origins, Troubled Past.’) …

Purple Tinker

Founded BronyCon. Tech nerd. Trans woman (she/her). Recovering rageoholic. Warren supporter who voted Biden. Secular Jew.

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