An Open Letter to Conservatives

Hello, conservative reader.

Writing as what you’d call a “liberal” — actually a leftist, specifically a far-left-wing socialist — I’m precisely the sort of person who a lot of you want to see get “owned”. You want me to suffer. I’d like to tell you the feeling is not mutual. I don’t want to see conservatives get “owned”. Quite the opposite.

I want you to be able to get healthcare when you get sick or injured, without fear of going bankrupt or having to start a GoFundMe. I want you to be able to marry who you want — of any gender. I want you to be able to practice whatever religion, or lack thereof, you wish to.

I want the Earth to have a future that is safe for you and your descendents. I want you to breathe clean air, to eat safe foods, to drink pure water. I want you — yes, YOU — to be protected from corporations that would pollute our precious natural resources to make a quick buck.

I want you to have the freedom from want, to not always be one, or two, or three missed paychecks away from homelessness. I don’t WANT you to be homeless. In fact, I don’t want anyone to be homeless. I want there to be a social safety net to protect you and your family.

I want you to be protected from discrimination. If you’re a cis, het, white, Christian, able-bodied man, you might think that discrimination would never happen to you, but I assure you it could. You could realise you’re gay some day. Or you could become disabled. Or you could have a falling-out with your faith and see just how hated atheists are in America. And I want you to be protected.

I want you to have compassionate and safe options available for your family planning needs. If you want an abortion, you should be allowed to have one, and it should be safe and legal. If you DON’T want one, I want a safe and vetted adoption system so your child finds a loving home.

I want the males in your family to grow up not having to worry about being drafted into a needless war. In fact, I want the United States to get out of the business of war altogether. But I don’t want our troops to suffer either. I want them to be retrained for peaceful jobs. We have far too many homeless vets— and ONE homeless person is one too many.

I want you to be free to pursue the job or jobs of your choice. I don’t want you to be forced to work several jobs just to keep a roof over your head, nor do I want you to earn scraps while your company’s CEO makes an average of 300 times what you make. I think you deserve more.

I want you to be protected and safe in your old age. I want the government to ensure that you will not rot away without adequate healthcare as you age, and that your family will not be forced to take care of you at their own expense.

I want you to live in a country where your children and grandchildren won’t have to undergo active shooter drills, or be screened with metal detectors every time they enter a school. I want “school shootings” to become nothing more than a horrible memory.

I want you to not have to worry about getting shot or beaten by the police who are sworn to protect you. I want you to feel comfortable that the system of law enforcement is there to actually help people, not meet quotas or brutalise people for fun.

And while we’re on the topic of shootings, yes, I do want to restrict gun ownership. But it isn’t because I want you to suffer. The opposite. It’s because, statistically speaking, guns make us all LESS safe. This includes you. I want you MORE safe. And while some conservatives are fond of saying “fuck your feelings” about us lefties, I— a leftist— won’t say this. Your feelings are valid, and you are 100% entitled to them! But scientific truth and objective reality matter, and the data shows that on the balance, guns endanger everyone— including you. I want you to be safer rather than more endangered.

Everything that I want politically is for the benefit of all people — not JUST racial minorities, but white people too; not JUST women, but men too; not JUST LGBT people, but straight people too. I want everyone to be safer, happier, and better taken care of. Including you.

So please understand that while much of the political right wing wants nothing more than “to own the libs”, what most of us “libs” want is for ALL of us to live in a country that takes better care of its citizens. We don’t want you to be “owned”. We want you to suffer less.


An Antifascist Leftie Socialist Liberal.

Founded BronyCon. Tech nerd. Trans woman (she/her). Recovering rageoholic. Warren supporter who voted Biden. Secular Jew.